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About Us

DolpinConnects is founded by a group of enthusiastic professionals who made it a mission to bring the best working environment that offers flexibility and affordability

Founders with years of experience working as part of diverse work cultures understand the most important aspects that ensure:
Your Work Gets Done Smoothly.

Bangalore is undoubtedly the silicon valley of India with diverse work styles adopted by companies and individuals. This is a primary reason for a growing demand for co-working spaces and shared offices.

DolpinConnects is perfect co-working space for you:

  • “Work Near Home” is a super-efficient style compared to “Work From Home”
  • Startup with undeterred focus on weaving your success story from a comfortable environment
  • A Freelancer who is on his own but would not miss social life at the workplace
  • Small Team with a common goal and needs the flexibility to accommodate your growing needs
  • Needing a Virtual Office Space that you can feel good to share with your clients
  • A sudden rise in employees and you need an extended workplace

We Transform DolpinConnects Co-working space as Your Most Favorite Working Space in Bengaluru with a wide variety of offerings and all essential amenities that will help you work in a joyful mode all the time.