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DolpinConnects is a perfect co-working space with best amenities provided at competitive prices while offering flexibility.

Our growing partners operating out of a DolpinConnects inspire us to offer to them. We are a community of like-minded achievers collaborating with one another.

Bangalore is seeing a growing demand for co-working space and DolpinConnects is an ideal choice for professionals opting for such facilities.

Why will DolpinConnects be your choice?


Our Coworking Space Location is a highlight in itself:

  • Located near ORR-Airport Road-at Kasturi Nagar Service Road
  • Easily Accessible by all modes of public transportation
  • 5 minutes away from Ramamurthy Nagar Signal
  • Very close to Byappanhalli Metro Station
  • Surrounded by many restaurants and hangout places for you and your teams to have some of the most memorable outings
  • Equidistant (12km) from all the major IT Zones of Bangalore – Whitefield, Hebbal, Marthahalli, Bellendur Ample Private taxis
  • Easily accessible to all the famous areas Indranagar, MG road, Majestic
  • Work Near Home

    Many Work from Home professionals are opting Work Near Home that will give you the same advantages of saving time and stress but will also improve efficiency and productivity.

    DolpinConnects is exactly the type of coworking space to give you perfect working environment very near to your home.

    Who does not want to grab a coffee and have pleasant conversations with like-minded people in their breaks?

    In a jiffy, you can get to “Work near Home” mode with DolpinConnects.


    As a startup, you want to solve some of the world’s greatest problems. DolpinConnects is with you on this journey growing from just a founding team to a group of enthusiastic individuals sharing a common vision.

    DolpinConnects will act as one of your first partners to accommodate your growing team size, dynamically changing requirements. You will find different workspace plans suitable at different stages of growth of the business.

    Free Spirited Freelancers

    Freelancers like to be on their own. As a freelancer at DolpinConnects, you do not need to compromise on comforts or social life while being productive at delivering results for your clients.

    If you are one of those "On the Fly" types and don't want to be locked down in the same place all the time, we got Hot Desk plans for you.

    Come at your will, Sit at any available desk and start working!

    Personal Workspace

    You are so sure of what needs to be done day after day and love to have a comfortable space that you call it yours, dedicated desk is for you.

    This is one of the popular styles of working as they feel belonged. Their dedicated desks help showcase their personality with their notes, quotes and to-do lists.

    Small Team on a mission

    You are a small team working on a common mission. Your need to collaborate is high and you will like to be near one another to operate efficiently. As a small team, your employees will need the most comforting space and you as a business owner do not want to restrict your working capital.

    We got you covered with group plans or cabins dedicated to your team.

    Without spending a lot of money on 6-month advances to landowners, you will get all required facilities at DolpinConnects and no choking long-term commitments.

    Dynamic Requirements

    Your company works in an industry where your clientele has changing requirements and hence your employment of resources change accordingly.

    You might need to up your team size for 3 months and then downsize for another 2 months suddenly. With a short notice, DolpinConnects will accommodate all these changes.

    Whatever your working style is – DolpinConnects Plans will accommodate you.